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Resource list rollover 2023

by Alison Taylor on 2023-04-26T13:59:00+01:00 | 0 Comments

Information for staff

We are rolling over Resource Lists (Talis Aspire) at 4pm on Monday 22 May for the 2023/24 academic year. This is where we take your 2022/23 list and copy it to the new academic year. Please do not make any changes to your lists on the above date and time until rollover is complete.

Following rollover we can also bulk-publish lists for the course or modules you teach on. Please email us with the relevant module codes if you would like us to publish your lists for you. You will still be able to edit and add new items after lists have been published, but please do not change any existing ‘recommended for student purchase’ or ‘essential’ texts.


Key dates

Now - 22 May Before rollover Library Services will publish any outstanding 22/23 Resource Lists on your behalf
22 May until notified Rollover- Do not edit or make changes to your lists during this time
Early June- 1 August 2023

Log in, check and edit your 23/24 lists

Request review for new book orders and publish Semester 1 lists

Update Resource List URLs in your module guides or handbooks

Ask Library Services to publish lists for the course or modules you teach on. Email the module codes to your liaison librarian directly or to


What do I need to do now?

  • Before rollover we'll publish any outstanding 2022/23 lists. Draft lists will not be rolled over.
  • Do not make copies of your lists and attach to the new academic year. This is automatically done for you.
  • Do not make any changes to your lists from 4pm on Monday 22 May until rollover is complete (this can take up to 48 hours). We'll make an update will be made on the Resource List homepage to confirm completion.


What do I do after rollover?

Log in to Resource Lists and search for your draft lists.

  • Add your 2023/24 module lists to My Lists. We recommend removing your 2022/23 lists from My Lists when the current academic year is complete.
  • Edit your 2023/24 list and make any changes.
  • Request Review so we can order your books.
  • Publish (to make the list visible to students) OR ask Library Services to publish lists for the course/modules you teach on by emailing module codes to your liaison librarian or

For semester one please complete these actions by 1 August so we can order new items for the library.


Teaching new or different modules?

If you need to change the owner of a list and are unsure how to do this your Academic Liaison Librarian can help.

If you don't know the module lead for 2023/24 at the end of this academic year, the outgoing module tutor or course leader should take responsibility for publishing the rolled over Resource List. The incoming tutor should not change the ‘Recommended for student purchase’ text or remove ‘Essential Reading’. You can add ‘Essential’ and ‘Further Reading’ and otherwise shape the list structure to suit your teaching.

Teaching a brand new module with no list on the system? You’ll need to create one. Not sure how? These quick video tutorials will help.


Updating your module guide

Update URLs in your module guides or handbooks. The URL should follow the format where ABCD1234 is your module code


Need further guidance?

See our resource list guides, top tips for resource list success or contact your Academic Liaison Librarian


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